Privacy Policy


All personal information collected on this Website by InspireMyKids and/or its affiliated companies will be utilized primarily for internal purposes and/or to enhance visitor enjoyment and experience. InspireMyKids may also use email addresses or other personally identifiable information to contact visitors who directly communicate with us.
Any such contact by InspireMyKids is deemed by you to be at your request and with your permission, and shall be deemed by the parties, respectively, to be in compliance with any and all anti-spamming laws that now exist or, shall hereafter be enacted. In some instances, where specified, personal information submitted by visitors may be used for marketing and promotional purposes relating to the Website or other informational properties.
InspireMyKids affiliates may utilize a “cookie” on this Website. A cookie is a piece of information that is transferred to a visitor’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. If visitors choose to, they have the option to set their browser so that they have the ability to refuse cookies. InspireMyKids requests that all visitors to the Website that are under the age of 18 not disclose or provide any personal information on this Website unless they provide written authorization to InspireMyKids from their parent or legal guardian.  We reserve the right to modify, alter or otherwise update this policy at any time so visitors are encouraged to review this policy from time to time.
E-mails and Web Forms
Personally identifying information that you provide by e-mails or web forms will be used only for such purposes as are described at the point of collection, such as to send information or products to you, update your membership record, or to respond to your questions or comments. If you provide contact information, InspireMyKids staff or its contractors may contact you to clarify your comment or question, or to learn about your level of customer satisfaction with our services. Any credit card information you provide for goods or services is secure and used only for your intended purpose.
Links to Other Sites
This Website contains links to other sites. InspireMyKids is not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites, which may be different from the privacy practices described in this policy. We encourage you to become familiar with privacy practices of other sites you visit, including linked sites.
We reserve the right to change or modify this privacy statement at any time. If we revise our privacy statement, we will post those changes on the homepage and other places so you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.
Thank you for visiting the InspireMyKids website and reviewing our privacy statement. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our members, donors, customers, and other contacts. Our privacy policy is clear: We will collect no personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide that information to us. Any information you choose to provide on the website will only be used to provide or improve services. InspireMyKids guards your privacy and appreciates your trust.
At InspireMyKids, we want to provide the best Internet experience possible for you, your children, and/or your students. InspireMyKids uses content that gives access to hundreds of websites, videos, and images, and new content is being added every day. We continually analyze and inspect our content based on meticulous standards in order to ensure that the content provided is compelling but also appropriate for children. In determining appropriateness of content we consider children’s interests, reading abilities, levels of understanding, and avoidance of exposure to unsuitable subject matter. In addition, we allow you to navigate InspireMyKids by category, tag, value, topic, and age range so you can view what you feel is most compelling and/or appropriate.

If you find kid-friendly websites, videos, or images that you believe would make good additions to the content in InspireMyKids, we invite you to share them with us so we can continue to improve and grow the quality of the content provided in InspireMyKids.

We put forth our best effort to continually ensure that the content we provide in InspireMyKids is kid-friendly and appropriate for children, and we are confident in our inspection process. However, the nature of the Internet is that it is always evolving, and so there are elements that are not in our ability to control. As such, the possibility exists that inappropriate content could be added to a website we link to and viewed by a child or student before we are able to remove the link. If you find any objectionable content in InspireMyKids, please report it to us as quickly as possible. As soon as we are informed of the objectionable content, we will remove it from InspireMyKids immediately if it violates our website standards.


At InspireMyKids, we want you to have the best Internet experience possible. InspireMyKids strives to provide you with content that is relevant and compelling, yet also kid-friendly and appropriate for children.

We select our contentbased on children’s interests, reading abilities, levels of understanding, and avoidance of exposure to unsuitable subject matter. During the selection process, inspectors ensure that the following topics do not appear in InspireMyKids’ content:

  • profanity
  • libel / slander
  • drugs
  • violence
  • nudity
  • sexual themes / content
  • propaganda
  • racism
  • discrimination
  • chat content
  • adult content


  1. To begin considering a subject for inclusion in InspireMyKids, the subject is first researched online to determine availability and quality of related content. If enough quality related content is available, the subject becomes a candidate for inclusion.
  2. The related content for the subject is narrowed down and chosen based on content guidelines, especially level of appropriateness. Each website, video, and image is thoroughly inspected to ensure its suitability for inclusion – e.g., each page of a website is examined, and each video is watched in its entirety. If enough quality content meets the standards of the content guidelines, the subject is confirmed for inclusion.
  3. A post is created about the subject. Introductory paragraphs and additional features are written, and then the related content for the subject is inserted as follows: images are embedded, websites are linked to, and videos are embedded (or occasionally linked to). The post is then given a final overall inspection to completely ensure that the content meets InspireMyKids standards.
  4. The post is categorized, given tags, and assigned keywords relating to value, topic, and age range. This allows the user to navigate InspireMyKids by these sections and thereby  view what they feel is most compelling and/or appropriate.
  5. The post is saved as a draft. It is then reviewed by a separate inspector and, if approved, published as an InspireMyKids article.