Subscription Box

InspireMyKids is pleased to partner with WonderCrate to offer a monthly subscription box, delivered to your home or school, that inspires kids to think big about the impact that they can have in the world and provide the tools they will need to do it!

WonderCrate helps kids connect to their own amazing by educating, inspiring and empowering them to use their strengths to contribute positively and uniquely to the world around them.


Intended for children ages 7-11, each box includes:

  • A book to introduce children to inspirational role models who were pioneers in their field.
  • Stories of kids their own age thinking BIG and using their strengths to make a difference.
  • Activities to hone and focus kids’ inner strengths and let their best selves shine.
  • Collectible “Role Models” card game to make inner exploration FUN.
  • A magnet to collect and decorate the official carrying case that is provided with the first box.

Learn more and explore subscription options at the WonderCrate website!

Please note that InspireMyKids receives a small commission for each WonderCrate purchase.  These funds are used solely to operate the website and develop more inspiring content for kids!