Motivational Speaking and Programming

Many children are growing up in an environment that is absent of authentic role models but increasingly flush with negative media influences that promote loudness and flash, over goodness and societal impact.  This can create a habitat where engagement in character and values development is low or absent and an emphasis on looking good (e.g. social media and peer pressure) is prioritized over being good and doing good.  

The results of this unhealthy cultural stew can range from:

  • Absence of compassion, kindness and respect
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Lack of passion and motivation to excel
  • Apathy towards learning
  • Increased bullying

These undesirable attitudes and behaviors often start early and are revealed and magnified in the school environment.

Meanwhile, school administrators are presented with a myriad of programs that enable short term inspiration but little long term behavior and attitude change.  To change school climate and students hearts requires commitment, focus and engagement.


InspireMyKids (IMK), the world’s leading online community of inspiration for children, has partnered with renowned youth motivational speaker and educator, Mike Marsteller, to bring its unique blend of inspiration and sustainable action to schools around the USA, commencing with a unique live event format featuring:

  • Compelling, real-life, storytelling
  • Actionable takeaways students can use right away  
  • Interaction with the audience to keep it fun and high energy
  • Role model videos and inspirational quotes from IMK’s collection

Our signature program, “Cool To Be K.I.N.D.” is designed to change the culture and mindset in your school and the way students interact with each other, helping young people become the best version of themselves, increasing their intrinsic motivation and their desire to make the world a better place.

Through sincere and authentic conversation and real world examples from IMK, Mike inspires students to:

  • Build self confidence
  • Use empathy and compassion to help others
  • Create an inner circle of friends
  • Disarm a face-to-face or online bully

Mike takes these four topics and uses the word K.I.N.D. to break it down into four easy categories and action steps students can relate to and put into their own perspective:

Know and grow yourself first

Inspire those around you to change

Navigate with empathy

Develop meaningful friendships


This program is ideal for supporting character education and social/emotional learning initiatives in elementary, middle, and junior high schools.

Guaranteed to make a difference, “Cool to be K.I.N.D.” has helped schools to:

  • Increase resilience and confidence in students
  • Decrease bullying and increase friendships
  • Provide a platform for important conversations
  • Increase motivation and goal setting
  • Teach students life skills such as empathy, resilience, and perseverance

*Each assembly comes with a postcard for each student, 15 posters to hang throughout the school, and talking points for teachers.


  • Assembly
  • Teacher Talking Points
  • School counseling standard-aligned curriculum units
  • Goal Worksheets
  • Video reinforcement modules (quarterly / 4x)
  • Posters (PDF)
  • LiveStreaming
  • Books
  • Website
  • Journal
  • Parent education
  • Quotes


To learn more about our program, scheduling, costs or other questions you may have, contact Mike at or (484) 347-3993 or simply fill out the form below:

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