Lesson Plans

Many teachers feel pressure to teach to standards and have students prepared for high-stakes tests. This leaves little time for much-needed character education.  The answer is not always more content and additional activities, but more integration. Our goal at IMK is to equip teachers with quality, ready-made materials that integrate required standards with character education in a way that exponentially increases student engagement using emotional, relevant and multimedia content.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Lesson Plans

ELA Information Standards

Ask and Answer Questions (Grades K-2 ELA RI.1)

Main Topic and Key Details (Grades K-2 ELA RI.2)

Making Connections (Grades K-2 ELA RI.3)

Understanding Vocabulary (Grades K-2 ELA RI.4)

Text Features (Grades K-2 ELA RI.5)

Author’s Purpose (Grades K-2 ELA RI.6)

Using the Illustrations (Grades K-2 ELA RI.7)

Author’s Points and Reasons (Grades K-2 ELA RI.8)

Compare and Contract Texts (Grades K-2 ELA RI.9)


3rd Grade – 5th Grade Lesson Plans

ELA Information Standards

Go Back To The Text (Grades 3-5 ELA RI.1)

Main Idea, Key Details and Summarizing (Grades 3-5 ELA RI.2)

Understanding Vocabulary (Grades 3-5 ELA RI.3)

Text Structures (Grades 3-5 ELA RI.5)

Point of View (Grades 3-5 ELA RI.6)

Text Features (Grades 3-5 ELA RI.7)

Author’s Points and Reasons (Grades 3-5 ELA RI.8)

Integrate Texts (Grades 3-5 ELA RI.9)

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