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Hoshi and Zen – A Fluffy Duo Who Are Friends To The End!

Hoshi and Zen

Do you have a great friend?  Someone who is there for you in good times and in bad?  The story of Hoshi and Zen shows the power of friendship. Hoshi is an American Eskimo dog.  He had his eyes removed due to a disease when he was 11 years old. He… Read more »

No arms, No problem – Meet Richie Parker, NASCAR champion

No arms, No problem – Meet Richie Parker, NASCAR champion

Richie Parker has never listened to people telling him what he could not do. Born without arms, he and his parents did not let this stop him from having a normal childhood. This attitude served him well as he became an adult.  His amazing perseverance and focus has enabled him… Read more »

Jennifer Bricker – Gymnast Born Without Legs Shows That ‘Everything is Possible’

Jennifer Bricker

The story of Jennifer Bricker is one of the most amazing ones we have have ever featured on IMK! It is full of both great life lessons and great surprises. It is a story everyone should know. Jennifer was born in Romania without any legs. She was later adopted by a… Read more »

Chris Rosati – The Butterfly Effect Spreads Kindness and Inspires Kids Around the World

Chris Rosati

Chris Rosati wanted to see what one random act of kindness could do to change the world.  He was testing “The Butterfly Effect” which is the idea that one good deed can inspire many others. Chris gave $50 to two young girls in a restaurant one day in his hometown of… Read more »

No Limbs No Matter – A Farmer Makes the Most of His Gifts


Chris is a farmer at Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, California.  He works hard, performs many jobs around the farm and has a great attitude. But Chris is not exactly like other farmers at Apricot Lane or elsewhere.  What is unique is that he was born without arms or legs.… Read more »

35 Inspiring Quotes for Kids About Being Different and Being Yourself

What Makes You Different

As Henry David Thoreau said, “you are a marvel.”  Everyone on our planet different and special in their own way. You have unique gifts and talents.  You have a unique personality and style.  You think and feel differently than others do.  Your likes and dislikes are not exactly the same… Read more »

Louis Braille – While Just A Teen, He Became a Pioneer for the Blind!


Back in the nineteenth century, when Louis Braille was just three years old, an accident left him blind. As he grew, Louis wanted to read and write, but he felt frustrated with the few slow, difficult methods available at the time for blind people. So Louis came up with an idea, and as a… Read more »

Zach Hodskins: One Armed Star Hoopster and Amazing Role Model

Zach Hodskins: One Armed Star Hoopster and Amazing Role Model

Zach Hodskins was born with one arm, but from a very young age he has focused on his ability rather than his disability. He took a love of basketball, a positive attitude, faith and great determination to build his skills to be become one of the top High School players… Read more »