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The Gorilla Girl – Saving Gorillas One Cell Phone at a Time!

Mariah Nablo

When Mariah Nablo was six years old, she watched a TV show that talked about problems faced by mountain gorillas in Africa. She learned that they were in danger of extinction because their habitat was being destroyed.  The cause of this trouble was people illegally mining for Coltan, a material used to make cell phones.  Mariah was… Read More»

Hailey Scheinman – Don’t Give Up. Give Back.

Hailey Scheinman – Taking Sisterly Love to a Whole New Level!

She may be a young girl, but when it comes to sisterly devotion and giving back, Hailey Scheinman is wise beyond her years! 10-year-old Hailey has a twin sister named Olivia (Livy), and the two are practically inseparable. This is true despite the fact that physically, the girls are very different…..Hailey… Read More»

Inspiring Quotes for Kids About Honesty, Integrity and Making Good Choices

Inspiring Quotes for Kids About Honesty, Integrity and Making Good Choices

Integrity is defined as ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles’.  Integrity is about making good choices. It is doing the right things for the right reason.  It is about being honest with yourself and honest with others. Sometimes you may not be sure what the right… Read More»

Polar Bear Camp? Inspiring Kids to Make a Difference with the Environment

Polar Bears Inspire Teens to Make a Difference

Well, it’s not exactly a camp run by polar bears! It’s more like a camp run every year during polar bear migration time. And it’s run by Polar Bears International (PBI). Polar Bears International is the world’s leading polar bear protection group.  They focus on saving bears from the many problems they face… Read More»

Great Perseverance Quotes for Kids


“Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.” – Oliver Goldsmith If you think about the quote above, it is really a very simple concept. However, the reality of actually getting up each time, especially that one last time, can sometimes be incredibly challenging. This is the… Read More»

Think You Don’t Need Math? Think Again…..It’s All Around You!


Do you ever get bored sitting in math class, wondering why you even need to learn the stuff in the first place? Well, this feeling is not too unusual. But the truth is, learning and using math is something that plays an amazingly important role in your life! From the moment you… Read More»

Cathy Rush – “Dreams Are For Everyone”!


In 1971, there were many in the world who still believed that a woman’s potential for success was limited. Enter Cathy Rush, the young wife of a basketball referee who had just taken a job as head women’s basketball coach at Immaculata College in suburban Philadelphia. Immaculata was a very small Catholic girls’… Read More»

Paying it Forward…. One Bike at a Time


When 9-year-old Atticus Seng’s bike was stolen from a rack at his elementary school’s campus this past October, the last thing he thought was that it would happen for a second time — or that a group of teens would come the rescue. In the surprise of his life, the… Read More»