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Are You A Kid With A BIG Goal? Want to Be on National TV? Drop Us A Line!

InspireMyKids is helping a major national TV network in the United States find kids with really big goals to be on an exciting new talk show! Maybe you are one of them?  Or perhaps you know someone who might fit?

We are looking for inspiring kids who would like to share their life changing story on a new talk show. The show is about people who are about to start (or have just started) to work on a huge life goal.

This show will follow you and your progress over the course of a year. You will be inspiring the audience as they watch you and celebrate with you as change comes into your life.

Are you a kid that wants show the world what they can do? Are you determined to lose a lot of weight? To make your school a kinder place? To start helping lots of people in need? To try something big that no other kid has done? Were you born with a special gift or need and want to do something in a year that you have never been able to do before? Do you have a mind blowing invention or business you want to bring to life? If so, we want to hear your story and watch you achieve the life you want to live!

Sound like you or someone you know? Then have your parent email us your name, contact information and short description of your story to: We will then put you in touch with the show’s creators!

Good luck, dream big and take a chance!



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