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The Ultimate List of Streak Ideas for Kids!

Becoming the best version of yourself takes work.  But it can also be fun!  And rewarding!  And exciting!  How?  Streaks are the answer.  Streaks help you take consistent actions to turn your dreams and goals into reality.

Check out our Ultimate List of Streaks for Kids to get you started with some ideas.  But to really become your best self, you need to create and own your own streaks?

How? Simply follow the 5 Laws of Streaking to imagine, create and track your very own streaks using our worksheets, app and tools.


I want to be Kinder

  • Compliment at least one person daily
  • Do a chore for my sibling weekly
  • Contact grandma at least once weekly
  • Write a kind note to someone at least once monthly
  • Leave a post-it thank you note for mom at least once weekly.

I want to be more Giving

  • Donate to charity one every month
  • Volunteer 1 hour per month

I want to build my Talents

  • Practice piano (or another instrument) at least 3 times weekly
  • Play basketball (or other sport) for 5 minutes every day
  • Practice singing 5 times per week for at least 10 minutes each

I want to improve my Health

  • Eat at least one vegetable daily
  • Drink at least 4 glasses of water daily
  • Do at least 5 pushups daily
  • Do at least 10 sit-ups every day
  • Plank for at least 30 seconds every day
  • Exercise outside at least once daily

I want to be a better Student

  • Write a sentence in my journal daily
  • Ask a teacher for feedback at least once monthly
  • Practice math fact daily
  • Write down one to-do item in my planner daily

I want to have more Faith

  • Pray/Meditate at least once daily
  • Do a nightly evaluation of my day
  • Go to a place of worship (e.g. Church, Temple, Mosque) each week

I want to have a better Family

  • Practice gratitude as a family each day
  • Do something nice for someone in my family daily
  • Play a family board game each week

I want to be more Optimistic

  • Say something positive to someone I care about each day
  • Write down 3 things I am grateful for each day

I want to be more Responsible

  • Do at least one chore daily
  • Check the dog’s water bowl at least once daily
  • Put money into savings at least once weekly
  • Make bed daily
  • Make my own lunch daily


Topics for Discussion:

  • What are your favorite streaks above?  Which could have the most impact on your life?  Why?
  • Do you have any unique streak ideas for yourself?  Drop us a line at info@inspiremykids and let us know!  We can add them to this list and maybe even tell your story someday here on IMK!

Take Action:

  • Start your first streak using the 5 Laws of Streaking and our downloadable worksheets or online app to guide you

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