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Careers that Count: So You Want to Be a Video Game Designer?

The Job:

Video Game Designer


The Gist: 

Do you live to play video games? Imagine if you make one up one all of your own! If you’re a video game designer, you can do just that: Come up with an idea for a game, then work with artists and programmers to create the characters and the setting and to put the whole thing together.


The Path:

To get a job as a video game designer, you will first have to start with a bachelor’s degree in design or computer science. In such a program, you’ll learn everything from computer graphics to animation, plus graphic design, drawing, computer programing, and scripting.

The market for video game designers if pretty competitive, so extra experience after college may be necessary before you land a job. You may need experience in computer science, programming, or art. Some video game companies offer internships for potential designers. You could also start with a small game studio, which could lead to a game design positions.

In addition to experience, you need to be creative and work well with others as game design is almost always a team effort. You also need to understand computer programming and software programs.

Each video game designer has a different role. Some may invent the story behind the game. Another may create characters and animation. Others work on the settings and layout for the game, while others create the music and sound effects. So, as you follow the path to becoming a designer, you’ll eventually choose the role that’s right for you and your strengths.

The Perks:

Getting paid to play video games, for starters. You also get to use technology while flexing your creative muscles to come up with a concept for a certain audience. Finally, there’s the joy of than watching other people play–and hopefully enjoy–something you started from scratch. Priceless!


The Impact:

While video games are for entertaining, they can do much more. Today, game designers make games that help with problems like weight loss and stress. Video games can help you learn in school. Below, you can see what it’s like to work as a video game designer: 

Make Your Move:

What can you do to get started as a video game designer? Here are some great resources:

  • Do you like playing video games? Do you think a sick child in a hospital would like playing them? Here are two guys that started a charity to bring video games to kids in hospitals.
  • Start programming and learn more about coding by playing SpaceChem!
  • Want to learn how to write your own video game? This book will teach you how to program video games!
  • Being a game designer will take many skills! Here are a 100 resources to help get you started!
  • Level up your skills and gain experience at a Video Game Camp!
  • Why is coding such an important skill to learn? Check out this great video to find out more!
  • It’s important that you have experience playing video games. As simple as it may sound, it will help you know popular trends and show you how a game is structured.
  • Join a game design club. Some schools have a club for students who want to develop and discuss games. If your school doesn’t offer one, you can find one online.


What is your dream job when you grow up?


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