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Do One Thing: Motivate Others to Move!

Want to Make a Difference? Sure, it’s a big world out there, but you can start by stirring up some inspiration right in your own house, school, or neighborhood. In this new feature, InspireMyKids will be challenging you to do one thing that makes a positive change in the world–and giving you the goods on how to do just that. So stay tuned–and get ready to be inspired!

Do One Thing:  Motivate Others to Move!

Why It’s Important: February is Heart Health Awareness month, so there’s no time right now to tune into your health–and that of your family’s and friend’s health, too. In fact, experts say kids should all be getting 60 minutes of physical activity a day in school and at home–but most get far less than that. Not only does inactivity lead to scary stuff like obesity, Type-2 diabetes and depression, but studies show that kids who don’t exercise regularly are more likely to let their grades slip. Plus, focusing on your and fitness now sets you up for a healthier life later.

Make The Change: Inspire activity all around you! Sure, it may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you’ve gotta stay stuck to the couch. Put down that video game controller or press pause on that Netflix show, and get your family together for a 20-30 minute sweat session.

Check out this family-friendly workout!

Your family’s already super fit? Then fire up your friends, instead. Organize some relay races at recess, challenge your crew to a pull-up competition on the monkey bars, or just pick up the pace to a power walk on your way home from school. Keep track of your daily time dedicated to exercise (gym class totally counts!) and cheer on your pals to reach their 60-minute goal, too. Bottom line? Lead by example: If you make exercise a priority in your life, your actions will encourage others around you to do the same.

Keep it Going: Make your workouts part of your regular family fun. Do you have a standing game night every Friday? Lead everyone in a round of jumping jacks and sit-ups before you break out the board games. Or ask your parents if you can kickstart each weekend with a family walk or bike ride around your neighborhood on Saturday morning. Take it a step further and pick a local 5K coming up in a couple of months, and encourage your parents, siblings, and friends to join you in training for it. A long-term goal will keep you focused and motivated–and give you the momentum to keep up an active life for, well, life.

Looking for more ways to stay motivated to move? Get fired up with these inspiring quotes for young athletes or read about incredible athletes like Simone Biles and Sky Sudbury!

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