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Inspiring Videos of the Week (5/7/13): Find Your Greatness

Jonny Hickey is a young boy with Autism who found it hard to communicate with others. Then he met Xena, a very sick rescue dog who was expected to die. Well, not only did Xena survive, but her comfort has helped Jonny to express himself and he is a new person. Jonny and Xena make an inspiring team.

You may remember Nathan Sorrell, the 12 year old boy who filmed a running ad for Nike. In the ad, Nathan, who is overweight, encourages everyone to “Find Your Greatness”. Several months after Nathan filmed the ad, he has continued to find his greatness. Nathan has developed better eating and exercise habits and has lost over 30 pounds!

Check out the generosity of Cameron Lyle. He ended his college sports career to to help a very sick person in need. By donating his bone marrow, Cameron helped save their life. His caring and selflessness is a true inspiration.

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