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Jacob Rainey – Quarterback, Amputee and U of Virginia Recruit

Jacob Rainey was a star varsity l quarterback at Woodberry Forest School in Virginia when he suffered a terrible injury to his leg during practice. After one month of trying to save his leg, doctors had no choice but to amputate it above his knee.

For many people, this would be the end of their football career and maybe a lot more. In Jacob’s case, one year later, with the help of a new prosthetic leg, he was back out on the field as his team’s starting quarterback! At the time, Jacob said on Twitter…”can’t believe its been a whole year. Made lots of progress but not close to where I want to be yet. Remember the past, change the future.”

Jacob went on to help his team to a 7-3 record in 2012. If all of that is not enough, the University of Virgina recruited Jacob as a walk on for their Division One College football program.

Jacob’s determination, courage and focus is a a true inspiration. As Booker T. Washington once said, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles that one has overcome while trying to succeed.”

Watch Jacob’s incredible story here:


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Topics for Discussion:

  • What is special about Jacob’s story?
  • What traits does he exhibit?
  • What might have been an easier path for Jacob to take?

Take Action:

  • The next time you are doing something worthwhile that is hard and you feel like you want to quit…remember how people like Jacob stuck with their dreams.
  • Practice perseverance in your everyday life.  Practice becomes habits and good habits change us for the better.
  • Think about one thing in your life that could benefit from more perseverance.  Now…just do it!

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