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Lauren Hill – Never Give Up – Brain Cancer Can’t Stop Hoop Dreams

From the time she was young, Lauren Hill’s life long dream was to play college basketball.  When she accepted an offer to play at Mount St. Joseph College (near Cincinnati) her dream seemed ready to come true. Until she developed brain cancer last year. Lauren was told she had only two years to live at most.

It looked like Lauren would have to quit the team before her first practice.  But with “heart, desire and intensity” she kept pushing herself to practice and stay involved with the team. Her teammates fed off of her energy and she fed off of their support.

Lauren, now a freshman at Mount St. Joseph, had her dream come true last week, when she played in her team’s opening game.  In fact, she scored her team’s first and last points of the day!  So many people wanted to watch the game, they had to move it to a much larger stadium and the 10,000 seats sold out in one hour!

Lauren’s perseverance has now inspired millions of people around the world and has helped raise thousands of dollars for brain cancer research.  Watch her inspiring story below:

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