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Vanguard College Prep Shows Sportsmanship Beyond Compare

The Gainesville Torpedoes boys basketball team is not used to having fans at their games.

You see, the Torpedoes represent a youth correctional facility, so student fans are not allowed to attend games.  And, for other reasons, student family members often do not attend their games.

The Torpedoes had a basketball game coming up at Vanguard College Prep High School in Waco, Texas.  Two Vanguard players decided they wanted to do something to support the Gainseville players.

So, they organized a large group of Prep students, fans and cheerleaders to root for the Torpedoes!  This amazing act of sportsmanship surrounded the game from start to finish.

Many Torpedo players said that they will never forget this moment for the rest of their lives.  In a world that is often focused only on winning, Vanguard’s sportsmanship is a great example of leadership, friendship and compassion.

Watch this very inspiring story below thanks to CBS News:

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Topics for Discussion:

  • What is unusual about the Vanguard team’s actions?
  • What kind of character traits does Vanguard exhibit?

Take Action:

  • Check out the Random Acts of Kindness website to learn more ways you can be kind to others!

Teacher Features:

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  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for middle school students.
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