Teacher Welcome

Welcome Teachers and Educators!

Welcome teachers and educators. We are THRILLED to have you visit our site!

We originally created inspiremykids.com for our kids, but thought that the content could have relevance in the classroom. Since launching the site (in late 2010), we have had many inspiring teachers embrace what we are doing, use the site effectively in their classrooms and help us shape the site. Their experiences and advice have inspired us. We would love to involve you and your children in this journey.

Get started and take a look around. Learn how other teachers and educators are using the site and see their feedback. Experiment in your class. Tell us how you used the site. Give us feedback on what topics you would like to see us develop further. Connect with us on Facebook , Twitter and/or email, to stay updated on the latest stories and content which we are constantly updating. Let us know how we can make the site more relevant and valuable for you and your kids. Send us content that inspires you and your children.

We hope your visit today will be the start of something beautiful. Thank you for all that you do each day to make our children, communities and world better.

With respect, gratitude and open ears,

Mike, Karen, Kevin and Emily

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