Cajun Navy Rescue

When Floodwaters Rise, The Cajun Navy Saves Lives!

The Cajun Navy is a group of volunteer small boat owners who help people during bad storms and floods. The group started during Hurricane Katrina. During that storm alone they saved more than 10,000 people from flooded homes and rooftops!

Since then, they saved thousands more lives around the United States! The Cajun Navy has gone to help during many of the worst storms to hit United States, such as Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and, most recently, Hurricane Florence.

Using their boats, they go into places where people and animals are trapped by dangerous floodwaters. They bring their small boats and great skill to find those who are in danger. And then the transport them to safety.

Many of the volunteers are fishermen and skilled boat pilots. They come from the SouthEast United States and are skilled at piloting through swamps and narrow waterways. The skills they have help them navigate around tricky and dangerous floodwaters.

The Baton Rouge Advocate described their impact after the Cajun Navy stepped in to help during bad flooding in Lousiana: “The heroes hailed from the Cajun Navy, volunteers who had no admiral, no uniforms, no military medals awaiting them for acts of valor. It was conscience, not a commanding officer, that summoned them into treacherous currents to carry endangered citizens to higher ground.”

The Cajun Navy is a great example of character in action. Like other first responders, they often put themselves in danger to help others. And they do not do it for money or attention, but simply because they can help and they want to help.

Check out their inspiring story in the videos below:

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