Caleb Swanigan

Caleb Swanigan – From Homeless and Hopeless to The Best Hoopster In the Nation

Four years ago, Caleb Swanigan was an a overweight, homeless, teenager.  He weighed 360 pounds before he entered 8th grade.

He grew up in Indiana and Utah, but rarely stayed in the same place long. In fact he went to four middle schools and nine elementary schools.

But then, something changed.  He was adopted.  And his new parent encouraged him to work hard and lose weight.  He began playing more and more basketball.  By the end of his high school career, he was a top high school player.

Now, playing for Purdue University, he is one of the best college basketball players in the USA!  And his grades are so good he is also an Academic All American.

Caleb’s story is one of hard work, hope and the love of an adoptive parent.  Check out his amazing and very inspiring story below.

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