6 Year Old Tommy Morrissey – One Armed Golfer Shows Nothing Is Impossible!

Tommy Morrissey loves to play golf. He is really, really, good at it.

At only 6 years old, he is just getting started.  It is very unusual for someone so young to be so good! But that is just the start.  What is even more amazing, is that Tommy plays golf with one arm!

You see Tommy was born without a right hand.  But this never stopped him from loving the game of golf.  In fact, he used to sleep with his golf clubs in his crib with him!!!

It is Tommy’s passion for the sport allows him to overcome playing with only one arm.  And now he has become an inspiration to kids (and adults) around the world.  It will be awesome to see where his talents and passion can take him!

Check out Tommy’s very inspiring story below:

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