Allan Maman

Allan Maman – 17 Year Old with ADHD Created Fidget Spinner Empire!

As a 17 year old growing up Armonk, NY, Allan Maman was always thinking and tinkering.

When fidget spinners first came out, he was curious. As a young man with ADHD, the constant motion of the spinner looked very interesting to him. He ordered some online. He found the products to be of poor quality, overpriced and hard to purchase.

Allan was impatient. So, instead of waiting for someone else to make something better, he decided to make one for himself! He found a blueprint online and used his high school’s 3D printer to experiment with.

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Then Allan asked his science teacher to help him learn how to use the printer.

He created his first fidget spinner and shared it with his classmates. They thought it was awesome. Everyone wanted one for themselves.

So, Allan started to make more fidget spinners. A lot more. He sold them to kids in his school.

When it got to be too much to do this at school, he purchased his own 3D printer to keep up with the demand. He worked long hours to keep up with all of the orders.

Then he and his friend, Cooper Weiss, decided to set up an Instagram account, Fidget360, to attract customers from all over. It took off!

They ordered more 3D printers and set up shop in their basement. Allan and Cooper paid their siblings and school classmates to help assemble and ship the orders. Soon, they needed even more help!

So, they found a company in Brooklyn to make the products for them. All in all, they sold over $350,000 worth of fidget spinners!  Their success was profiled by many national magazines and tv shows.

Allan’s is now moving on to other inventions. His long-term goal is to create more great businesses and then give his profits back to worthy causes.

Allan Maman’s inspiring story is one of using your strengths, acting with courage and following your dreams. We are looking forward to seeing what Allan creates for the world in the year ahead!

Learn more about Allan in this video interview and then see below for ways to bring your own ideas and dreams to life!

Allan Maman Interview

Additional Resources:

Topics for Discussion:

  • What character traits did Allan exhibit in starting his business?
  • How does Allan use his strengths and overcome his weaknesses?
  • How can inventions make the world a better place?  Can you name some that have?
  • Do you have any ideas for inventions that could improve people’s lives or make the world better?

Take Action:

  • Find a Camp Invention or Club Invention in your area to have fun, learn about inventing and make your own inventions!
  • Get inspired by the many great kids inventions at and learn how to make your idea a reality

Teacher Features:

  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for elementary school students.
  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for middle school students.


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