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Iced Capades Cakery – Bringing Birthday Treats to Those Who Need Them Most!

On your birthday, one very special part is celebrating with a treat such as a cake or cupcakes. However, for kids in shelters who are struggling just to get by, often a birthday treat is not a possibility. Two very special teenagers realized this fact, and they decided to do something about it……

Cousins Allison Nguyen and Laura Li both love to bake, and so they spend a lot of time in the kitchen making treats. In order to put their passion to work for a good cause, they decided that they would bake treats for people who get very few of them……kids in shelters. And thus the idea for the Iced Capades Cakery was born. Today, the Iced Capades Cakery provides treats to about 200 kids at shelters in and around Houston, TX, and they are beginning to branch out to other cities as well! Through their simple idea, Allison and Laura are bringing treats and, more importantly, a bit of joy where they’re needed most!

This video shows the amazing work Allison and Laura are doing with their Iced Capades Cakery.

Additional Resources:

  • Here’s an article that tells all about the Iced Capades Cakery and the wonderful impact it’s having!
  • Here is an IMK post about a lady who brings a different kind of joy where it is greatly needed!

Topics for Discussion:

  • How would it be to have to live in a shelter? What else besides birthday treats might you have to give up?
  • Allison and Laura use their passion for baking to do good. What passion do you have that you can use to do good?

Take Action:

  • Visit the Iced Capades Cakery website to learn how you can participate in Allison’s and Laura’s wonderful effort!
  • Do you know someone who is struggling financially? What “treat” can you give them that they might not otherwise be able to have?

Teacher Features:

  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for elementary school students.
  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for middle school students.


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