Koni Dole

Koni Dole – High School Football Player Returns to Field One Year After Amputation

Koni Dole is a high school football player at Huntley Project High School in Montana. Just over one year ago, he broke his leg in a game. It was such a bad injury, that his leg became infected and had to be amputated.

‘As soon as I learned I might have to amputate, I started looking up amputees that play sports, and made the promise that I’d be back on the field,’ Koni told ABC News.

Doctors told him that he would never play football again. Instead of letting that defeat him, he used it as motivation.

Since then, Koni has not let his injury stop him. The day after his surgery he began training again. Over the past year, with the help of a prosthetic leg, he ran track, wrestled and lifted weights to improve his condition. Despite great pain at the start of his training, he stuck with it.

Now, only one year after his terrible accident Koni returned to the football field. Not only did Koni play in his first game, but he scored two touchdowns and recorded one sack!  If that was not enough, Montana State University has offered him a football scholarship!

Koni’s determination and spirit are nothing short of remarkable. Watch his amazing story here:


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Topics for Discussion:

  • How would you describe Koni’s attitude and what impact it had on his life?
  • Why did Koni choose to play football again?
  • Have you ever done something you thought you could not do or that others told you that you could not achieve?

Take Action:

  • Think about a big goal that you have.  It could be for school, for family, or any other important area of your life.  Write it down, using this goal worksheet or create your own worksheet.  Keep track of your progress, stick with it and reward yourself when you have completed it.  Keep doing this and you will be surprised at how much you can achieve.
  • Consider holding a fundraiser to support the International Child Amputee Network 

Teacher Features:

  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for elementary school students.
  • Here is a link to a Critical Reading Skills worksheet that you can use for middle school students.
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